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紧急 准备 is Everyone’s Responsibility

Welcome to the 圣澳门金沙赌城线上游戏 emergency preparedness hub, your one-stop resource for campus emergency procedures, 帮助提示, public health updates, 和 links to essential campus services.

Emergencies can happen at any time 和 sometimes with little to no warning, 和 it’s important that all 澳门金沙线上赌博官网 Tigers know what to do 和 how to stay informed before, 在, 和 after a campus emergency. 圣澳门金沙赌城线上游戏 has many resources to help keep you safe 和 prepared, 和 you are encouraged to explore 和 bookmark this site as part of your own personal preparedness.

Most importantly, we have a shared responsibility to help one another in times of crisis. 做好准备!


or 9-1-1

888 - 57 -警报

Crime Prevention Tip Line




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第一步:建立一个 行动计划
第二步:制作一个 紧急Go-Kit
步骤3: 保持 Informed by Registering for TrinAlerts via TigerPaws


The TrinALERT emergency text messaging service is one of the methods the University will use to communicate emergency information in a timely manner with students, 教师, 和工作人员. 如果合适的话, 全球电子邮件, campus telephone speakers, 据当地媒体, 和 other communication tools will also be used. All cell phone numbers provided for the TrinALERT system will be strictly confidential 和 you may opt out of this service using TigerPAWS. Text messages will only be sent in the event of a campus emergency or for the occasional planned system test.

TrinALERT Registration or Opt-Out Instructions

步骤1: 登录 TigerPAWS

步骤2: Find the TrinALERT 紧急 System link under the Registration menu - Employee Profile menu, or 教师/Personal  Profile tab.

  • 雇员:


  • 教师/个人: 



  • Provide a cell phone number for TrinALERT 和 verify the number is correct 和 valid, 和 then select "Check here to confirm you are opting in"  
screenshot of TrinALERT 紧急 System dialog box



  • If you want to Opt-Out of the service, select "Check here to confirm you are opting out"  

    image of TrinALERT Opt Out dialog box


步骤4: Click the Submit button to finish.  

image of TrinALERT Submit button dialog box




参见Say移动应用程序 is a powerful tool that allows users to call the police department or report a crime around campus. 

Highlighted benefits to the 看到说 系统:

  • Incident reports can be made discreetly using the 看到说 手机应用程序.
  • Reports can include photos, incident descriptions 和 location maps.
  • Real-time, two-way chat allows security personnel to interact with staff, for additional information.
  • The Check-in feature™ broadcasts the location 和 status ("I'm OK" or "I need help") via email to anyone of your contacts.

Download 看到说 here:




Once downloaded simply enter your name 和 contact information then select 圣澳门金沙赌城线上游戏 from the list of organizations.

24-Hour Police 保护

澳门金沙赌城线上游戏 Police Department (TUPD) provides 24-hour police 和 security coverage for the University community 365 days a year.

紧急 准备

The Crisis Management Team (CMT) is built using a foundation outlined in the National Incident Management System to ensure emergency preparedness. 

紧急 程序

澳门金沙赌城线上游戏 believes strongly in protecting the health, safety 和 welfare of its students, 教职员工. To do so in emergencies requires quality procedures.